A Better Way to Drill and Drive
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.   Brian Giffin, inventor, has come up with a better way to drill and drive fasteners. There are lots of similar devices out there but Norm feels this is the easiest of all to use. Comes with four bits that cover the range of typical countersink sizes. It's a tool that makes the woodworker more efficient and does a fine job of drilling, countersinking and driving. - NewYankee.com
.  "There are a number of 'quick attachment' solutions available today to help the woodworker eliminate the need for multiple drills or tedious setups. One of those is the Rack Rabbit Deluxe, from Jack Rabbit Tools. You’ve seen this tool used on woodworking television programs, including The New Yankee Workshop.
.   "Overall, I find the Jack Rabbit Deluxe set to be an excellent, well thought out product. It’s made from quality materials and is reasonably priced." - SawsnDust.com. (read more)
"The tool itself is wonderfully simple to use. Set up consists of placing the driver bit (Phillips and square drive are included) in your drill, sliding the magnetizer over the bit, and then sliding the drill and counter sink unit onto the driver bit. Then you simply drill till you hit the depth collar, slide the drill unit off and drive the screw. It's great - the switch from drill to drive and back takes less than a second and is done with two fingers while the drill remains ready in your other hand. I had no trouble holding a few screws in the palm of my hand while switching." - DanShapiro.com (read more)
.  "There are a number of products on the market that offer quick changes between drill and driver bits, but none are quite like the Jack Rabbit. Overall, this is a small but valuable drill/driver accessory. Precise manufacturing and clever engineering add up to efficient and accurate performance."  -Fine Woodworking Magazine
.   "This is a cleverly engineered, well made accessory which should fit anyone's needs who uses screws in their various assembly projects. Although supplied by the manufacturer, I noticed in one episode that Norm clearly has two Jack Rabbits. Sort of goes along with his router-for-every-bit philosophy." - Rod Peterson, WoodCentral.com. (read more)