A Better Way to Drill and Drive
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A Few Kind Words from Our Customers:
Brian, thank you for producing such a Quality Product! I read through your customer feedback column. This is exactly what I hear from my customers. I have sold your product for 4-5 years and am very pleased. If people do not try the Jack Rabbit system I think they are missing out. It is a very good selling product in my store. Very many satisfied customers! - Lloyd Krein, H + L Sharpening & Tools, Long-term Jack Rabbit Supplier, Bismarck ND

"... solid steel, heat sinks don't get as much heat build up ... more stable, comes off easily ... love the mix and match Jack Rabbit system ... sturdy construction.   ... most other tools rely on intermediate connectors between the drill & screw. With Jack Rabbit, the screw driver bit doesn't wobble allowing me to get as close to the wood as possible ... great in tight quarters too.  Finally, a product that enables woodworkers to use screws in a neat manner.  Just finished building a deck with 1,000 screws in half the time!" - Paul Liscom, General Contractor, Carpenter

"I would recommend this product to anyone who works on cabinets or doors. You can pre-drill and countersink in one motion with one drill, and drive screws quickly. I installed 12 oak cabinet doors in half the time and effort it took before, with fewer tools." - Billy Scott, Handyman Magazine Product Tester's Reports, Red Bay, AL

"I would highly recommend this product to anyone that has to drill, countersink, and then set screws. I used this product on a cabinet that needed drilling, then setting screws with countersink to assemble. The magnetizer worked great for holding the screws that were in tight corners. The brass depth stop worked well, as handles were put on without the screws going all the way through the door, a much nicer finish inside of doors. I also used it to repair wooden steps to our pool house. Couldn't wait to use this product. It came just in time for my project and saved me a lot of time." - Ken G Cowles, Pensacola, FL

"I would highly recommend the Jack Rabbit to the members of the Handyman Club. It is a great tool that combines several tasks in a simple device. The Jack Rabbit is a simple tool for the finishing work on cabinets, molding, and furniture." - Morris Gee, Davis, CA

"This test came at the most opportune time. I was making cabinets for my newly remodeled kitchen and (trust me) this interchangeable drill bit and screw driver bit
saved an immense lot of time." - Edwin N. Famous, New York, NY

"I tested the Jack Rabbit in pre-drilling holes and driving wood screws. I was making a small cabinet and the tools worked as advertised for me. The tool locks tightly and I never had the lock loosen a bit or slip on me, which was one worry I had before starting to use it. The wrenches and parts to the tool are all of very solid construction and
I recommend it as a time saver." - Leonard Leber, Westerville, OH

"I would recommend this drill bit and screw driver to anyone using this method to install screws. You get better fitting joints because of the quick change. You install screws as you go along, thereby not getting any slippage in your work. It takes time to set up, but once it's set up
you can't beat its performance. It isn't time saved, it’s the accuracy you get by driving screws as soon as possible." - Frederick H. Reed, Hyde Park, VT

"I do some small remodeling jobs sometimes. It just so happened that the Jack Rabbit came the night before I had an old stair paneling to put pre-finished hardwood on. So I took the plywood up and took it to my shop at home. I tacked the nosing on the plywood and hardwood. Then I turned it over and screwed each piece, every 10 inches or so. The pre-drill and countersink really made fast work of the job."  Favorite technique to drill and drive wood screws: "Now it's going to be Jack Rabbit.
It just works so smooth, even in hard woods like oak and maple." - Joseph Forrest, Frederick, MD

"I loved this tool. When it arrived I was in the beginning stages of building a shed. I first used it for the forms to pour my slab. What a snap. What I thought would be a tedious job, thinking my cordless drill could not keep up with my electric, was simplified by only needing one drill and quickly going from drill to screw driver with the Jack Rabbit quick change feature." - John B Pfeifer, Knoxville, MD
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